New Release! The Electronics Recycling Landscape Report

U.S. consumers are estimated to have purchased more than 1 billion devices in 2015 with over 3.8 billion devices in use or storied in households.

Every year, new electronic cycles increase, leaving both a large amount of consumer electronics needing to be recycled and an exciting opportunity to enable electronic material reuse and materials recovery. Reuse, refurbishment, and recycling activities capture the value of the devices and their components, protect human health and the environment by executing responsible used device management, and conserve the resources embedded in the devices so they are available tomorrow for new uses.

The Sustainability Consortium and the National Center for Electronics Recycling, commissioned by the Closed Loop Foundation, are pleased to announce the release of a groundbreaking report on the current used EEE management landscape within the United States. 

This report explores:

  • The types and quantities of materials that are currently and will be moving from the consumer market into the waste stream,
  • Programs in place to deal with this and how effective they are,
  • And key drivers and innovations that will impact effectiveness of electronics recycling moving forward.

Please view the full report HERE.