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How Do I Recycle Electronics?



NCER is not a provider of electronics recycling services, although we have held collection events in our home state of West Virginia. Please see the search engines listed below to find an electronics recycler in your area.

Search For An Electronics Recycler in Your Area:

  • Greener Gadgets Directory:
  • Electronics Recycling Directory: Directory of recyclers and others involved in the electronics recycling industry -
  • Directory of recycling locations and other green topics, including electronics recycling locations -
  • - this site enables you to do a search by zip code to find electronics recyclers in your area.
  • - this site allows you to do a state-by-state search for electronics recyclers by using their "clickable" map.

  • - this site enables you to do a search by zip code to find electronics recyclers in your area.

    Because databases are by their nature dynamic and the electronics recycling industry is rapidly changing, it takes continual effort to update and maintain these databases. Please keep this in mind when using these search engines.

Important Considerations:

  • Reuse is Preferable, but Don’t Dump Your Junk!

    The NCER encourages reuse of working, newer equipment as the first option for used electronic equipment, and has listed several non-profit and other reuse programs below. However, many of these programs are unable to handle broken or severely outdated equipment. It is always advisable to call ahead to see if your used equipment meets that program’s needs.

  • Protect Your Data

    If you are reusing or recycling a laptop or desktop computer, your personal data could still be on your hard drive. Most recyclers have hard drive wiping policies, but it is always in your best interest to protect your personal information by erasing or destroying your hard drive. There are many hard drive wiping software programs available. You can read more about the importance of hard drive erasure as well as do a comparison of some of the more popular software programs by going to Tech Soup’s website at:

  • Call Ahead

    Many recyclers are not set up to take small loads of computer and electronic equipment – many deal strictly in e-cycling on a commercial level. As a result, you should contact recyclers ahead of time to ensure that they can receive your equipment. A few handy search engines for electronics recyclers are included on this page.  

How to Choose an Electronics Recycler:


Sometimes it’s not easy to tell who is a responsible recycler and who is not. One of the best ways to choose a recycler is to rely on certification programs. For example, many recyclers are now R2 and/or e-Steward certified.

In addition, the Greener Gadgets directory can help you locate a list of manufacturer, retailer and certified eCycling locations in your area. Many of these are certified to the above-mentioned standards, or work with recyclers that are.



Disclaimer: The NCER makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained above. A listing on our website does not represent or imply endorsement by the NCER of any of the practices of these organizations, nor does it imply certification of or liability for these organizations.

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